Saving Babies One Poster at a time

Together we can save lives!!!

Saving Babies One Poster at a timeI’ve had the great pleasure to get to know Dawn Geras the President of Save Abandoned Babies. A not-for-profit organization and volunteer group dedicated to saving babies from being illegally, and often fatally, abandoned. Save Abandoned Babies grassroots effort began in March of 2000 when one of their members read a newspaper article about a baby found in a Chicago dumpster. They quickly learned that other states were addressing this horrible and growing problem with “Safe Haven Laws.”

Dawn’s amazing organization of volunteers drafted a Safe Haven Law and lobbied for its passage. This resulted in the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act, which unanimously passed both the Illinois House and Senate and was signed into Illinois law in August of 2001. The law states, an unharmed newborn up to 30 days old can be given to staff at any hospital, police station or manned fire station. They may remain anonymous and walk away with no questions asked. Can you believe that 94 babies have been saved since the law was passed? However, during that same time another 71 babies were unsafely abandoned. So “unsafely” that 37 of those babies are now deceased. These 37 deaths didn’t have to happen. None of those 71 deserved to be abandoned.

Here’s our chance to make a difference – a life or death difference. We at Tunnell Insurance Agency want to help bring awareness to the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act. Our goal is to raise $500 that will help fund Advertisement & Posters increasing awareness and telling desperate girls and women that this safe, legal, option exists. A law that many people don’t know about is ineffective. No life saving program does any good if those who have need of it do not know of its existence. To correct that, we can help by telling a friend and talking about it. We can also help by making a small donation to help the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation continue efforts to increase public awareness.

John Tunnell